About Us

As a SharePoint consultant for over ten years, I’ve collaborated with business owners, department heads, IT managers,CIOs and CFOs of fortune 500 companies, to maximize the potential of the SharePoint platform. I have a track record of outstanding performance and successful completion of complex projects. Specifically I have automated purchasing and manual sign off processes totaling over a billion dollar annually, as well as helped organization to reduce the call volume to their call centers and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To collaborate with your organization in identifying the bottlenecks, challenges, waste and redundancy that prevents your staff from focusing on their tasks and clients.

Our Plan

Using SharePoint Platform to create interactive and collaborative tools to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate complexity, waste, and redundancy.

Our Vision

To provide your staff with a toolsets to enable them to increase productivity, collaboration, customers satisfaction and maximized the ROI on your SharePoint investment.


We embrace a no-code approach to designing SharePoint solutions to your most critical business needs using Microsoft's office 365 tools and Nintex workflows. Our solutions eliniate the need for costly and complex development and provide your orgnization with custom tailored applications.

Business Process Automation

Automated the Media purchase approval process, for agency clients such as L'Oreal, InBev and Yum Brands, totaling in excess of 1 Billion annually. Our solutions digitized and streamlined complex approval processes and generated approval log in compliance with government regulations.

Authority statement approvals

We developed a bilingual tool to automate complex authority approvals process. The solution allowed for authority changes, management approval, acknowledgment and an audit trail. The tool saved thousands of works hours annually and ensured successful completion of all authority statements approvals within regulated time frames.

Performance Evaluation

Our automated solution captured quarterly performance reviews, streamlined complex and lengthy processes and achieved reductions in completion time as well as enhanced compliance. Utilizing the full audit trail, we helped businesses to identify areas of concern through visualization of the results.

Demand Trackers

Our custom solutions assisted organizations to log primary contract reasons to their call centers. Working closely with business analytics team, we were able to analyze and pin point areas of concern and reduce call volumes to call centers as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Content Management

As part of the digital workplace initiative, we designed numerous content management solutions to provide content discovery, document life cycle management, and version and access control. We created custom views and webpages to optimize content delivery and organization.

Site Design and Branding

We are passionate about designing SharePoint websites that incorporate your branding, relevant content, and cater directly to the targeted users’ interests and needs. We utilize the latest technologies to design responsive websites and focus on user experience.

Our Portfolio

Car Dealership Intranet

Timeshare Intranet Site

Technical Doc Library

Project Management Site

Supplier Management

Customer Relationship Site

MEC Intranet site

Mediacom Intranet site

Facilities site

Law Firm Intranet Site

Real Estate Corp.

Government Relations Site

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SharePoint consultants ready to help you optimize your business processes


1520 Steeles Ave W, Concord, ON L4K 3B9

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+1 647 213-6736

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